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27 de fevereiro de 2009 - Casa da Leslie

Hoje é o show na Duke! E vai ser foda! Se bem que foda mesmo foi levantar. Todo mundo cansado e ainda no efeito "lata de sardinha". Não temos muito tempo, então fomos ao guitar center de novo, largamos o Felipe lá e fomos pra Raleigh com o Gabo pra ele comprar um sax ( acabou comprando dois, tenor e soprano!) numa loja que passou a ser o melhor lugar até agora: Marsh's Woodwinds, uma mistura de loja de instrumentos de sopro com antiquário, muito foda! Móveis e objetos antigos, alguns à venda, outros não, pianos e acordeons, vinis, vinis mis de jazz e afins (rimou!), revistas, parecia que estávamosnum túnel do tempo cultural americano. Um privilégio. Talvez a gente toque lá (sim, la tem um palco pra isso) em abril. Eu quero morar lá! Agora temos que partir pra Duke. Ai, como era verde o meu vale... São 9pm e estamos nos preparando pra passar o som. Danou-se!
(by Cacau)

27 Feb- Everybody woke-up still cracked by the "tuna can effect" ( oh, my back!). It's very funny, but it's hard to believe that we're here in the United States, the bell just don't ring, hehe. It seems like we're on a holiday at Penedo (a small city in Rio that is very cold). After lunch we went to Marsh's Woodwinds, a very cool store, so that Gabo could buy a new sax. He actually bought two! After the owner said that Brandford Marsallis usually goes ther to fix his instruments, cool! While Gabo was testing thousands and thousands of saxes ( is that the plural of sax?), me, Cacau and Damaceno, the drummer were up to something completely american, donuts! Yes!!! we got back, picked up Felipe at Guitar Center (he is almost living there...), went home, shower, dinner, packed our stuff, Isaac showed up (he's the responsable for this gig, thanks Isaac!) and so we went to Duke University. we got there and... the stage was not ready yet (brazilian way, ehehh). Dean, the sound operator, was Damaceno lost brother, hehe! Meanwhile, we met another band, Dub Addis, cool guys, specially Dereje, the keyboard player, who is actually from Ethiopia, but lives here in the USA since he was a teenager. The guy had these huge dreads, so maybe he...well, dont bother. Stage ready, we did a small soundcheck, put our stage clothes and started. Dude, this was one of the funniest things that I had ever seen!
There was this dance group formed by some students, and they decided to coreograph one of our songs, "Cucaracha". It was very funny, specially if you consider the lyrics... And, at the same time, it was really cool! What can I say about the show? It was great, we definetly put all those gringos to dance! I remember one spacial moment, there was this old lady, and she had her fingers inside her ears, like, "huh, what da hell is going on?" and then Felipe noticed it and said: "The next song goes to this beautiful lady here", and then we played "Fio da Navalha", an introspective but powerful song, and then the old lady just danced the whole show like ther was no tomorrow...
After the show and all that well-wish thing, me and Felipe just walked around the party, to see the chickas. And there was a bunch of them! There was this indie girl, God! Meanwhile, Gabo was trying his luck with a local girl. It's needless to say that every 5 minutes one of us just walked by to see the development of the situation, hehe! Yeah, we are bad asses sometimes, hehe! Then I had some conversation with the Dub addis crew, just to see if there's a chance of performing a jam. Or maybe something else... Then, home, shower, backgammon and bed!
(by Chokito)

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