quarta-feira, 1 de abril de 2009

10th of March, In- ko-pah Desert, S.Diego

Woke-up early, and went to the desert with Damaceno, Cacau and Robert. Felipe and Gabo preferred to stay at home. A hour later, we were at the desert, very close to USA border. On the other side of a huge wall, it's Mexico. Amazing. It reminded me the famous Pink Floyd's song... Shooting day! 38 Colt, 45, 9mm, 22 rifle, shotgun... Damn, how can it be that something so dangerous can be, at the same time, so fun? For a beginner I did very well. And Cacau shooting was an unforgetable and hilarious experience too! As the sun was going down, we started our journey back. Before going home, we visited Derren, Damaceno's friend. Good fellow. Albertson's, home, shower, dinner and South Park session, just a perfect day!
(by Chokito)

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