terça-feira, 7 de abril de 2009

22nd March, Jacare's haus, Austin, Tx

Sunday. Everybody tired, but happy about yesterday's show. Barbecue, playing with the dogs, reading, relax day. By 4 pm we went to town, left the car near Blu bar and went for a walk. Shopping day! Very cool rock stores at 6th Street. Tons of t-shirts, posters, dolls, amazing. I bought a Bjork poster and some souvenirs for my friends in Brazil. Later we ate an excellent pizza and returned to Blu, to our last show in Austin. Ananda was there, cool. The guys from Vinil Laranja too, they were going to play after us. But the city was already a bit different, there were less people on the streets, that kind of thing. But we enjoyed it anyway, ehhe. After Vinil's show, goodbyes, we got back home and started to pack everything for the journey home...
(by Chokito)

photo above: the Gabriels, Cacau, and I, or at least, my feet! John's house, SanDiego, California

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