segunda-feira, 6 de abril de 2009

21st March, Jacare's houze, Austin, Tx

Yeah, today is the Big Day. The D day. Woke -up in the morning, helped Hilda with her plants, then Cacau, Damaceno and I wento Marcia's house, another brazilian friend. Very cool place. We returned home, burrito lunch, then we headed downtown, check in, Futumomo Satisfaction was doing their soundcheck: the girls rock! Then me and felipe went to Austin Convention Center but it was over , we almost got depressed. No free strings, no free t-shirts, nothing. At least I found an old keyboard abandoned in a hall, with a message: "this needs a new home"... Well, now it has! Felipe and I got a pedi-cab and headed Opal Divine's. Man, we kicked asses! The show was great, powerful, everybody dancing and partipating,the crowd was in our hands, it was amazing! Unbelievable! The set-list: Funkator, Xoxote, Sweetness, Circo, A Praia, Fio da Navalha, Milk Shake, Deepshade, El Tango, Johnny and U$200 ( you can see the whole show at, just look for cafe funque sxsw 2009!) After, a band from Spain, The Potter Pots, sixties style, then the so waited Futomomo Satisfaction. Another great show. All that japan girls in their bikinis, very cool! After, i went for a walk and saw two nice bands, Diego's Umbrella, from san Francisco, and Taxi, from Venice. The last one was a power trio, with two bassists and a drummer, awesome. Also met Mike, who works in the Key Bar, where Taxi was playing. Nice fellow! After that, I met the others at Opal, then JitB, home, some conversation with Gabo, sleep.
(by Chokito)

photo: Gabo and I with our special fans, Stephanie and Maria,, at Gage's Warehouse, San Diego, California

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