quinta-feira, 2 de abril de 2009

Friday the 13th of March, Ourhaus, S.Diego

We almost have a true friday the 13th today, with all the fame it has! Today was Linda's bithday, and she is one of our great fans here in San Diego. So, we accepted to play at her party, in her house. It would be wonderful, barbecue, friends, fun... And it was! But there's a funny story behind it...
We arrived at Linda's home at 20:oo, with all our stuff. But Damaceno forgot his mix table, so he and I came back home to pick it up. When we arrived there again, there was two cops in the front of the house, talking with Linda. The taller one asked me if I lived there. Of course i said I didn't, but all I wanted to say was: - no, and you? do you? Hehe!
The people who were in the party started to get sad, specially Linda and Maria, but we called Gage and just moved her party to his Warehouse. Another Gage's show! Cool! And the show was great, the party was great, it was totally cool!!!!!!!!! After, Jack in the Box, South Park session, sleep!
(by Chokito)

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