quarta-feira, 1 de abril de 2009

12th of March, ourhauz, S. Diego

Long bike ride in the morning, came back home, then Cacau made a mini barbecue, just for me, Gabo and herself, cool! Jacuzzi session, Then Margaret showed up and took Gabo, Felipe and me for a ride. We went to Ocean Beach, nice place, kinda hippie, rsrs! Lunch at theBlue Parrot, very spicy for Gabo, hehe...She left us at home, then we passed at Gage's to pick our things, and there we met Gage's pet, a 6-foot boa constrictor, incredible! It liked Damaceno, and stayed in his arms for a long time (we DO have photos of this, but they are not published in order to keep our drummer's moral integrity intact in Brazil).
By night we played at Bodega de La Maiz, another warehouse close to Gage's warehouse. This show was arranged by Margaret, who became very close to the band. What a cool girl! The show was alright, a jazzy one. Igor and Paula, friends from Brazil, showed up there right at the last song, heehh! After we all came back to our house for a couple of beers. No fast food today. We're getting better, ehehh!
(Obs- the photo above is actually from Gage's Warehouse, 'cause the photos from Bodega aren't here, hehe!)
(by Chokito)

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