domingo, 5 de abril de 2009

20th March, Jacare's houze, Austin, Tx

Woke-up early, some chat with Robert, then everybody woke-up. Gabo and Cacau went to downtown, while Felipe, Damaceno, Robert, Ananda ( a brazilian who lives in San Jose, California, and works with dance who came to stay for a couple of days at Robert's house too. Very cool girl!) and I went to Chuy's, a typical Tex Mex restaurant. Excellent food! As big as your face! Back home, me and Damaceno went for a bike ride, very good one, we visited Barton Springs Park. Back home, I met Hilda Guevara, Robert's wife. What a nice person! We talked a lot, such a beautiful soul. After a while,, Gabo appeared here to take me and Felipe to downtown. God, the city was freaking out! Bands, chicks, lunnies everywhere! At midnight Felipe and I entered Austin Music Hall to testify the show of one of our favourite bands, DEVO. It was great, very, very cool! Unfortunately, we could not see the whole show 'cause we had our own show to do, in the bar across the street, Blu. After yesterday's stress, this show was very cool, and agressive, heeh. We met the guys from Vinil Laranja, another band from Brazil, cool. They're planning to stay in Austin after the end of the festival and maybe fix residence inthe Usa, which is also cool. After me and Felipe wento to Which Which, a fast food similar to Subway, awesome. Cold wind (always, in this country...), home, and a great night of sleep, 'cause tomorrow is the Big Day for us...
(by Chokito)

photo above: Damaceno and I, Beatlelesque picture. Durham, North Carolina

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