domingo, 5 de abril de 2009

18th March, Robert "Jacaré"'s house, Austin, Texas

We left the Red Roof Inn by 11:00pm, and went to Robert's house. He is a very good friend of Damaceno, and a samba lover. He plays in a Samba school in Austin, Unidos da Ópera, and carries the totally unusual nickname of Jacaré, which is very strange for a guy from Texas, heeheh. What a place!! Big house, Tex Mex style, with a great backyard, and two dogs, Moeaux and Chuy, and a cat, Ms. Kittin. Needless to say that me and Cacau were the most happy ones to have pets around! Then, a welcome barbecue, with excellent ribs!!! Cool!
Later, Gabo, Felipe and I went to downtown, to Blu bar. There, we met Elzira, who recognized us as brazilians 'cause we were speaking portuguese in fron t of her, and, of course, she is brazilian too, and Coutinho, another friend of Damaceno, who plays percussion with some bands here in Austin. Gabo and Felipe got back home to pick up our instruments, so I went for a walk in the city, all by myself. Amazing, it seems that there are people from every part o f the world here, brazilians, canadians, japanese, africans, very cool. Every bar has a band playing in, the music never stops, you almost cannot find a local without music in the air! A fter Cacau and Damaceno showed up, and we stopped at Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop, where there was a strange competition going on: two bikes grounded on the floor, and then 2 guys (or 2 girls) cycling like hell, while their performances appeared in a huge tv monitor behind them, very funny. Gabo and Felipe returned with the instruments but we were not going to play anymore (there was a small chance of performing a set at Blu's), so we tried to get our Sxsw 2009 wristbands , but we're too late, rsrs. JitB, not before getting lost in austin, then home and sleep.
photo above: Not even half-inche of snow and we're already happy, freakin'out! Later this night, it snowed much more and we had our first snowball fight, it wwas awesome.
(by Chokito)

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