terça-feira, 7 de abril de 2009

25th March, 10.000 ft, somewhere between Usa and Brasil, late at night

Very difficult words to write right now, so I'll be as brief as possible. I woke-up, smoked a cigarette and then my brother called from Brazil, with the terrible notice that my mother had passed away. Well, it almost killed me. What can I say more? I cannot remember exactly what happened next, just have flashes of diving in the ocean, packing my things and going to the airport, in order to return to Brasil as fast as I could. Sad. Yes, very sad. In a way, it was the end of Café Funquê tour. But only the end of our First Usa tour. Because there will be more. Because she would like that. Because the show must go on. And, above all things, because we loved to play to everyone of you. That's all, folks.
(by Chokito)

photo above: See u soon!

I'd like to thanks (sorry if your name is not here, but i'm really no good with names...): Leslie, Isaac, Dereje, Magda, Dean, Tallula's bar, Duke University, Chamas Barbecue house, Sergio, Norah, Madalena, Maile, John Durant, Robert, Brian, Derren, his wife and the baby, Margaret, Stephanie, Maria, Linda, Igor, Paula, Elzira, Coutinho, Jacaré, Hilda, Ananda, Moeaux and Chuy, Aaron, Voz alta, El Dorado, Kava Lounge, Gage and his wonderful warehouse, Bodega de la Maiz, The Office, Blu bar, The Copa, Opal Divine's Freehouse, Sxsw 2009, Devo, Taxi, Diego's Umbrella, Vinil Laranja, The Potter Pots, Futumomo Satisfaction, Chiwoniso Maraire, Israel Maldonado, Dub Addis, and everyone that helped us in some way. And, of course, special thanks to JitB. See you soon!

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