quarta-feira, 1 de abril de 2009

11th of March, Ourhaus, S.Diego

Today we have a gig in a place called Voz Alta, an art gallery near Gage's Warehouse. That sounds good... After lunch, me and Gabo went to Garnet St., looking for some cheap clothes. after, Carl's Jr., what a deception, the photo is much better than the sandwich itself, heehe. Back home, jacuzzi, shower, then we put our stuff in the car and went to Voz Alta. What an incredible place! The paintings belonged to a local artist, Cesar Castañeda, very cool! The place was kinda empty, but the show was very good, anyway. Each one of us played in a corner of the room, totally spread. And we earned cool t-shirts, the whole band. Later, guess what? Yes, Jack in the Box. We should be sponsored by them. Home, South Park session, sleep.
(by Chokito)

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