quarta-feira, 1 de abril de 2009

8th March, Ourhouse, S. Diego

Breakfast, then bike ride with Cacau, along Garnet St. Some nice stores, but the gold mine was Thrift Trader, a second-hand clothes store. Four items for $20. Perfect! Home, lunch, Albertson's, sunbath in the backyard... By night, we wenty to Gage's Warehouse, for another show. Well, it seems we're growing a fan club here, hehe! Stephanie, Maria and Linda are the headmasters'. We played two sets of 9 songs each, very cool. Later, Jack in the Box, our savior. As I couldn't get to sleep, I went for a night walk, all by mysef. Nobody on the streets. Only the shivering cold fuckin' wind and a cat or two...Cool...
(by Chokito)

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