sábado, 4 de abril de 2009

17th March, Red Roof Inn, Austin, Texas

We left Norman Bates motel about 11:ooam, and got back on the road. More desert, more cactus, more Subways. We met some musicians on their way to Austin, too. Little stop at Sonora to eat, than 3 more hours and we finally arrived in Austin at night. It was very late to go to Damaceno's friend house, so we stayed at the Red Roof Inn. The hotel was fuul, and there were some bands there, we could kinda smell it... Cacau and Damaceno stayed in the room, and Gabo, felipe and I went out for a ride. What-a- Burguer, 7-Eleven, and, of course, JitB! Then, back to hotel.
(by Chokito)

p.s.- I'm very sorry to inform that from this moment on we no longer have photos of Austin, 'cause we forgot the damn batteries in San Diego. Said so, this and the next photos are from different moments of our trip in the Usa. The photo above features Dereje, from Dub Addis, and his cute dogs. Durham, North Carolina.

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